Why choose UKSA

What makes us special

Young children having fun in a dinghy

Pathways to a bright future

Focusing on the individual, we place huge importance on personal development. That might mean gently encouraging a nervous six year-old to dip their toes into the water, or helping a student prepare their CV for a career in the superyacht industry.

When you come to UKSA as a student, we’ll not only show you the benefits of teamwork, but also how to be a leader. We give our students the tools they need to grow in confidence and find their voices. Then we guide them towards their bright futures with tangible support and guidance into further education and employment.

A female tutor showing students around the UKSA site

Inclusive and welcoming

We are inclusive in every single meaning of the word. We involve everybody, whether they have physical challenges or emotional difficulties to overcome, or they are high achievers looking for the ultimate challenge. We offer on-the-water experiences to everyone from school children who have never been out on the water before, to experienced yachtsmen and women.

We are also physically all-inclusive; all our residential guests have every need catered for. We aim to make it as easy as possible to train here, providing kit, food, accommodation, fleet and leisure facilities.



I would recommend the UKSA experience to any other educational establishment without reservation. The week we visit UKSA is unadulterated fun for all involved. The staff and pupils have such a unique experience which boosts friendships, challenges self -belief and overall builds character.

Blackheath Preparatory School -Residential school Trip

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