Being enough

Published 30/07/2020

So, what if I told you perfection just does not exist. We do know that on some level but on the other hand, we can get caught in the trap of waiting to feel ‘ready’, waiting for the time to feel ‘right’, waiting for the conditions to feel ‘perfect’. We wait until we feel good enough, really.

The thing is, growth of any kind, comes with an element of discomfort – that’s the nature of the beast; the stretching of ourselves brings with it resilience, the doing things before we feel ready brings confidence, making mistakes brings learning. 

Thinking about it if there really is no such thing as perfection, then what does that say for failure? Failure surely is just the outcome not matching up with expectations. Expectations are set from a place of assumptions. To make progress, we need to throw perfection, failure, and assumptions in a trunk with a mighty strong padlock and throw them overboard– they don’t serve us well enough to keep, they just do their best to stop us.

Now to be clear, stopping for a rest is okay but we wouldn’t want to stay stopped because to do so is to grow stagnant, bored, grumpy, and to get stuck as they say in a rut.

Making progress is brilliant because it doesn’t have to be in leaps and bounds. It starts with you making the decision to actually start. The Googling, a teeny step, the moving in the direction of a thought, a dream, a goal, a desired feeling. It is all a start.

You’ll know if you feel stagnant and stopped because you are probably feeling frustrated and annoyed and simply bored with yourselfNow this gets tricky when your inner dialogue joins in and starts to tell you that you don’t have what it takes, you’re not ready, the time isn’t right, the conditions not perfect, that you’re not enough.

The reality is, you are capable of taking a teeny step, making a start, you do have what it takes, the time may never be right, the conditions never perfect, but you are always and always will be, without a shadow of a doubt, enough.

So give yourself permission to progress, to start whatever it is you have been meaning to start. Go on brave pants, give it a try. 

Stay well x
Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer