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Adame Ahmed

“Being at UKSA as a NCFE student, I am constantly being inspired to become the best version of myself.”

Our fully-funded residential Sea.Change Foundation course has been designed specifically for students who want to embark on exciting and rewarding careers in maritime. We catch up with Adame Ahmed who is currently a student on UKSA’s Adventurous Outdoor Activities: NCFE Level 3 Diploma after completing his five-day Sea.Change Foundation course.

My Sea.Change journey

“On the 1st August, my plan was to join the RAF as a aircraft mechanic, but that night I thought to myself I was not prepared for the 7 years of commitment to that role. I went on google and looked for jobs at sea and that was the point I was introduced to UKSA. I originally signed up to do UKSA’s NCFE in Adventurous Outdoor Activities but during my interview with UKSA, they encouraged me to join the Sea.Change residential programme.

When I arrived to West Cowes by RedJet, I could see someone who was of similar age to me with many bags. We talked the entire journey and were in the same position as we had no prior water or sailing experience and we were both really looking forward to the Sea Change course.

We arrived to the main UKSA Sea.Change building and as soon as I stepped in the building, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We put our luggage in the common room and I introduced myself to the people I was doing the course with. Essentially they were going to be my family for the next few days.

We were then introduced to our amazing modern rooms, everything was clean and neat. At midday we were introduced to our watersports instructor, we did a funny exercise where we got in a circle and had to do a funny dance and then tell a funny joke. At 2pm we put on our wetsuits and did some fun watersports activities on the slipway. This involved us using team work and communication and was such a great ice-breaker.

As soon as I saw all the instructors leading different groups and doing a variety of activities, I was instantly hooked and inspired to be like one of them and be able to take my own group of young people and spark that thought in their mind, just as they did to me. Leading on to the evening we were in the common room playing card games which was a relaxing way to end the day.

The most challenging element I faced was dinghy sailing. There was a lot to learn but I managed to absorb and embrace it and was then able to perform it. The instructors gave me clear advice and instructions on how to improve and it was so enjoyable.

I was quite nervous about meeting new people but it all happened so quickly that I completely forgot that I was nervous. This is why UKSA is such a special place because they embrace everyone in such a diverse environment.

My end goal is to become a superyacht captain and the Sea.Change course was a great step towards my future ambition. Now being at UKSA as a NCFE student I am constantly being inspired and pushed to become the best version of myself. I have also applied my interest for the Superyacht Cadetship which is a four year course that will give me all the necessary qualifications to be on board a vessel. Being at UKSA I know that I am at the best place possible to gain valuable experience to kickstart my career.”

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