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It was DSLV’s first time at UKSA – the leaders decided that it would be excellent for the students to practice team-bonding, learn life skills and to have some fun before their Sats exams next year.

UKSA is a registered charity which believes in transforming young people’s lives through sea-based watersports and team-building programmes. We pride ourselves in offering the very best in outdoor educational experiences – we have an ideal waterfront location in picturesque Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, and enjoy a structured, happy environment. Our site is residential with CCTV-monitored secure accommodation blocks, night duty supervisors and fresh local food. Our winning formula brings schools back to us year after year.

We recently hosted a visit from a group of year 5s from DSLV Academy, Northampton. DSLV share their story:

“The factors that we considered important in an outdoor education provider were cost, value for money and a wide range of activities. The location was also a consideration as many of our students had never seen the sea. We were very impressed with UKSA’s campus as activities really are on your doorstep! The accommodation was extremely practical and we really appreciated the special bits that are done for teachers such as having our beds made. The security was top notch and the people were lovely – everyone smiles and is really happy to help.

“The instructors could not have been better and made it seem as if they had all the time in the world for us. The difference that the trip has made to children’s confidence and the way they engage has been amazing – the experience was a great leveller. Seeing the transformation in children that lack confidence in the classroom has been really special. Out of 34 children only 4 could swim – those that were saying “we don’t do water” on the ferry over were participating in pontoon jumps on day one! Two who said they couldn’t swim now can. The boost to confidence has been remarkable.”

“Our aim, which was more than fulfilled, was to get this group to bond. It is a difficult cohort of competitive children who don’t work together as a team and who are hard work in the classroom. We also wanted to see our less academic students excel and prove themselves, which they certainly did. We would love to see some of them continue with outdoor activities. When we get back to school we are going to do a week of persuasive writing. We will get the year 5s to write about how positive the experience has been and why our year 4s should not miss out on the same opportunity. We will also hold an assembly to tell everyone what a wonderful time we had. We will definitely be returning to UKSA!”

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