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Harrison Hall

“A day at UKSA always involves happiness from start to finish”

18 year old Harrison Hall is always keen to keep himself busy. While studying an outdoor education course, Harrison also worked as a watersports instructor, in a snowboarding shop and at a bar in Croatia. It was in this bar that he would hear about UKSA’s Superyacht Cadetship.

Harrison grew up around sailing, starting out on dinghies as a child in Weymouth. After qualifying as a dinghy instructor and sailing from the river Hamble to Portsmouth, he was keen to find a career that allowed for as much time on the water as possible.

“While working at a bar in Christchurch, I met one of the previous years’ UKSA cadets. He told me all about the course and I immediately wanted to get involved.”

Once enrolled on the course a typical day for Harrison kept him busy, just as he wanted, starting out with breakfast before heading to lessons or to practice drills on a boat. “A day at UKSA always involves happiness and laughter from start to finish. I have made some great friends on the course which makes it even better.”


Harrison reported that ‘every day at UKSA is a good one’ but some particular highlights for him were the fire fighting course, earning his advanced power boat qualification and any time he spent on sea phases.“My first sea phase was such good fun, we learnt so much about sailing and the boat itself. I’ll never forget the sunshine we had. Looking back at it now, I’ve come so far since then. I’m so much more knowledgeable, and able to lead the boat as a skipper rather than just waiting to be told what to do.”

Considering the many things he achieved during his time on the Cadetship, Harrison explained that his proudest accomplishments were earning his Yachtmaster ticket and conquering the engineering courses. “Five months lead up to earning my Yachtmaster, to complete it made me so proud of myself. I was also really pleased to earn my AEC1 qualification. The engineering side was so new to me and so complicated, I was really impressed with myself for understanding it and passing the course.”

Support from the Seafarers Charity and the Stephen Thomas foundation enabled Harrison to be able to take part in the course. “The funding I received made the course accessible for me, I never would have been able to pay for it otherwise, I’m so grateful.”

Approaching graduation, Harrison already has a position lined up on an 80m motoryacht in Cyprus, where he will be working as a deckhand and teaching watersports. “I’m so excited to get out into the industry, I can’t wait to see the world and places I would never normally visit.”

When asked if Harrison had any advice he would give someone considering the Superyacht Cadetship he responded: “Get involved in everything! Embrace the extra qualifications and take advantage of any meetings and advice. Study hard but also don’t forget to enjoy the course and have a good time with your friends as you only do the Cadetship once. My first phase has flown by and I would happily do it all over again.”

After graduation, Harrison got back in touch to give us an update: “I started working on my yacht a few days ago and I can tell you now it is the best thing! The job is great fun, and my crew are all lovely.”

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