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Jaimey Wain

They gave me extremely bright future and I’m making the most of it.

Jaimey, a former carpenter on the Isle of Wight, had a passion for sailing which he aspired to turn into a full-time career. Seeking opportunities to progress in the maritime world, he came across UKSA through a friend in Cowes who recommended he visit one of the many career open days.

After an insightful conversation with one of the course advisors, Jaimey was presented with two options: the Superyacht Cadetship or the Professional Yachtmaster Offshore certification. Unsure of the exact path he wanted to pursue in the maritime industry, he decided that the shorter Yachtmaster certification would be a better fit. He believed it would open lots of doors while allowing him to keep his options open.

The Professional Yachtmaster certification offered various possibilities within the marine industry, ranging from yacht deliveries to becoming a flotilla skipper or working on superyachts. Jaimey chose the racing and delivery route, eventually transitioning into the superyacht sector, where he currently works, steadily progressing towards obtaining his OOW 3000gt (Officer of the Watch, up to 3000 gross tons) qualification.

“The Royal Yacht Squadron were kind enough to fund my Yachtmaster at UKSA. Without their help, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today and am extremely grateful for their generosity. In simple terms, it changed my life for the better and opened so many doors for me. They gave me extremely bright future and I’m making the most of it.”

Although Jaimey had limited sailing experience, he emphasises the advantage of gaining some prior experience before enrolling in a training programme. He recommends options such as crewing on race yachts in the Solent or joining a local sailing club to start with dinghy sailing, as they provide valuable insights into the maritime industry.

Currently, he is working on a busy 65m motor yacht, actively acquiring relevant experience and pursuing necessary courses to obtain his OOW 3000gt qualification.

“Days vary depending on if we are on or off charter. A typical off charter day starts at 8am and finishes at 4-5pm (like a normal job!) doing things like washdowns or maintenance on tenders/toys or furniture etc. A typical day on charter is much longer but we normally do a minimum of 13 hours a day.”

Looking ahead, Jaimey envisions himself as an experienced Second or Chief Officer in the next five years. He aims to gain valuable experience to eventually progress to the role of Captain.

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