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Melissa Ramm

Funded Superyacht Cadet

Melissa Ramm shares her phase 1 superyacht cadetship experience so far

The UKSA Superyacht Cadetship offers an exciting alternative to university and could result in a long-term career which includes travelling all over the world. The Cadetship is designed to send graduates onto yachts with a realistic understanding of the yachting industry and our cadets are currently employed in all areas of the sector, from racing superyachts to the most high-profile motor vessels.

Melissa Ramm, a Phase One cadet still in training, received funding from Seafarers UK and the Noel Lister Memorial Fund for her Cadetship. She had always wanted to work at sea but had never settled on one career path, so when she saw UKSA’s Cadetship advertised on social media she jumped at the chance to study with us.

Melissa shares her story:

What experience did you gain before you started the cadetship?

“I am a hard-working and driven person with a deep passion for the sea, and I thought that UKSA’s Cadetship would open the door into an incredible future in which I could follow my dreams. Before coming to UKSA I had been sailing yachts and dinghies for five years – I had my Day Skipper and RYA Dinghy 1-4.

“At UKSA, every day is different to the next and each one brings a new opportunity to learn and excel.”

Tell us about some of your experiences so far?

Since being here I have had some amazing experiences, including doing a 60-mile passage as skipper for my Yachtmaster and helming across the English Channel at 4am, on a clear night with a new moon.

What is the day to day life like on the cadetship?

At UKSA, every day is different from the next and each one brings a new opportunity to learn and excel. I’m always doing a different course or seaphase; my first seaphase was ‘sunshine sailing’, two days in shorts and teeshirts. It was a valuable experience to sail with new people as I was so used to the same crew.

What’s does the future hold for you?

On graduation I hope to be successful as a Deckhand – I would like my first job to be on a small sailing yacht, although I will go into any job as I am so keen to do well. I would like to progress up the ranks and eventually become a captain, perhaps in about 10 years’ time. If I was to advise anybody considering taking the Cadetship, I would say that if you’re unsure, just come and visit UKSA as there’s a real community vibe here. The Cadetship will give you more opportunities and open more doors than you could ever imagine.”

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