Nautilus International

UKSA and Nautilus International

We have joined forces with the leading trade union for maritime professionals to ensure our Professional Yachtmaster Offshore students have access to independent, impartial advice and assistance when entering the industry.

About the fund

Nautilus International is an independent and influential global trade union, committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective services to members. This professional organisation provides welfare support to necessitous seafarers, their dependants and other maritime professionals.

Nautilus International is the voice of maritime professionals at sea and ashore. They have a say on all the major issues affecting members at national, European and global levels. Membership of the organisation offers a host of benefits, including certificate protection, worldwide legal services, compensation and support if you are involved in maritime incidents.

Who’s it for?

We are the only maritime training provider to include membership of Nautilus International in our Professional Yachtmaster Offshore course fees, thereby ensuring our students are safe and supported.

This unique partnership offers our professional students expert guidance on all aspects of their employment, as well as legal protection wherever they are in the world. In addition, the Nautilus International team deliver regular workshops onsite at UKSA for Yachtmaster students to attend, as well as scheduled drop in Q&A sessions.



Last year we spent two months in Palau, scuba diving every day, surrounded by manta rays and sharks. I realised at this point that I had chosen the right path for me and I’m really pleased that I stuck with all five phases of the course

Jack Dykes -Student/Phase 5 SY Cadet/Jack Dykes

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