Create Your Own Sensory Self Care Tool Kit 

Published 15/04/2020

The Blurt Foundation have made this fabulous toolkit available as a free .pdf download because we feel it’s an incredibly useful resource in the midst of the toll the Coronavirus outbreak is having on our mental wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of our children.

Download Toolkit

Did you know that we have 8 senses?

We have the 5 that you already know about: 
  • Visual 
  • Auditory 
  • Smell 
  • Tactile/Touch 
  • Taste 
But we also have another 3: 
  • Proprioception – the sense of how our body is positioned in space 
  • Vestibular – Our sense of balance and movement 
  • Interoception – Sensations from our internal organs 

Our bodies are amazing, and they can gather information from these different senses and send it to our brain. We can use this information to calm and soothe ourselves, or to help us feel alert and energised. This Sensory Self Care will help you discover how. 

It’s an adventure through your senses – an exploration that’s personal to you. There are no right or wrong answers. You’ll explore how different sensations make you feel – pinpointing what you like, and, importantly, what you don’t like. You can then use this information to inform your self-care. Now and in the future. 

When you’ve completed this workbook, it will be a resource that you can come back to whenever you need – your own personal sensory self-care toolkit! 

Take care of yourselves x 

Kim Fry
(UKSA Welfare Officer)