Make room for the happy

Published 16/09/2020

So how are you about receiving a compliment? Do you find yourself instantly complimenting back to take the limelight off you?

Do you find yourself saving things for best, like an outfit, shoes, or favourite anything really? Do you have the most amazing playlist that you never listen to, because you’re saving it for when you really need a boost??

Is that Pinterest board of yours full to brimming with fabulous ideas that you rammed with creative projects you’ll do ‘someday’ or perhaps your Things You’d Like To Do list is getting so long, you could probably wallpaper with it?

We could go on and on but, when it comes down to it, these are perfect examples of ways we block ourselves from the nice stuff. We know these things bring us happy vibes so why aren’t we letting ourselves have that opportunity to be happier.

The Blurt Foundation sums this up beautifully by saying “The thing about happiness is that it’s not some lofty end game – we don’t reach it and then we’re sorted. It’s a habit just like anything else is. We have to actively choose to do and prioritise the things which make us feel lighter and brighter over and over again.

When we feel buried beneath the demands on us and everything feels precariously overwhelming, it’s typically because we’ve not allowed ourselves the happy, fun, playful, joyful, stuff. We’ve kept it out of our heads at arm’s reach, promising ourselves ‘someday’ which keeps being put off in favour of the stuff that weighs us down or the people we keep trying to please.”

So my challenge to you is to try this or at least one of these.

  • Say Thank You to the next person that gives you a compliment.
  • Listen to music that makes you feel happy, don’t save that playlist.
  • Wear the things that you love, don’t keep them for best
  • Try one of the ideas that you have been saving on Pinterest.

So, give it a try and make room for the happy.

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer