Our brains love a bit of logic

Published 17/06/2020

Usually when we need to do something new there are people that have already experienced it and kindly, they have written a map and usually a guidebook with pictures which we can follow. However, this pesky pandemic has meant that for once we are all experiencing the something new for the first time, and right now there are no ‘definitely do it this way’ answers to all of the questions we may have.

Just to add a bit more to the confusion, our shared experience may be what is connecting us together but remember, our individual personal circumstances are exactly that individual and personal.

There are those of us who are adapting and changing to new living and working circumstances. For some they might be developing their bubbles, reconnecting with friends and family, coping with loss or going back to work or school.

But this is not the same for everyone and we still just do not quite know when things will ever be remotely normal again. The not knowing coupled with the changes and adaptations we all are making, can feel scary.

However, what you feel right now, is very real and very valid even if you think you are in a better situation than some of those around you. It might look that way, but it really might not be. We all have things we need in life to simply function and without them life can be tough.

You may feel constantly tired and that is because our brains love a bit of logic and a chance to plan. We are usually much less anxious when we can predict the stuff going on around us. It can be even trickier when the changes surrounding us seem to be well -constantly changing. It gives us so much more to think about, to consider and to reason.

It can leave us feeling tired and anxious, so remember no one knows all the answers right now and you have done a pretty brilliant job up until this point. So, give yourself a break and know its okay to have a cry, to feel sad, disappointed and to not know all the answers. You really are doing much better than you think you are.

Stay well x
Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer