The crew training course launches my superyacht career

If you are interested in working in an industry that could take you to places as diverse as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or New Zealand, our Superyacht Crew Training course is an ideal starting point. You will receive tuition from instructors who have worked in the industry and the course will provide you with all the training you need to become a deckhand or crew member.

Before discovering UKSA through a friend’s recommendation, Ryan Jacobs was working in a golf shop. Funding from Noel Lister Memorial Fund enabled him to enrol with us and since taking the course, he has a new target and has gained the confidence to plan a career in the superyacht industry. Ryan shares his story:

Every morning I saw the sun rising on the water and I knew I wanted a career at sea.

“Training at UKSA was challenging but I had a brilliant time. My overall experience of the course and instructors was very good; I now know that I can do things on my own. Every morning I saw the sun rising on the water and I knew I wanted a career at sea. I made some really good friends and we had a laugh which made being away from home much easier.

I want to work as a deckhand or personal trainer

Now that I’ve finished the course I’ll be signing onto crew agencies and looking for employment as soon as possible. I would like to work as a deckhand, a personal trainer or a massage therapist. If I was asked to advise someone thinking about taking the Superyacht Crew course I would tell them to enjoy every second; the time there goes really quickly.”

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