A Little Kindness

Published 25/11/2020

Kindness is magical is the great piece written this week from The Blurt Foundation, so people please be kind.

When we walk into a room and kindness has been bandied about, you can literally *feel* it. It’s in the way people are holding themselves, the expressions on the faces, people are connected, there’s an uplifting energy and relaxed nature about.

Walk into a room where unkindness is rife and you know about it immediately. The tension is palpable, people are looking for a swift exit, and everyone is either on the offensive or defensive, nobody looks particularly happy and nothing flourishes within this environment.

  • You’d choose the room with all of the kindness, wouldn’t you?!
  • Consider now, your mind as a room – what are you cultivating?

Are you self-sprinkling kindness so that you’re feeling buoyed up, empowered, nurtured, and nourished? Or are you feeling ashamed, guilty, tense, and feel as though you want to run away from yourself?

  • Kindness has to start with you.
  • You deserve that same loving patient kindness that you dilly-dally out.
  • You are worthy of kind words and forgiveness.
  • You need to start being a friend to yourself.

We’re not wholly kind people if it’s selective, if it’s only in certain situations and interactions, if we put it on and turn it off depending on parameters.

Be kind to yourself you are doing your very best in life, with where you are and what you know. Being mean to yourself won’t change the past, it won’t tool you up with what you need now and it sure as heck won’t propel you into a future you’re aspiring to.

Consistently consider if your words, actions, thoughts, relationships, work, whatever and all-ever, are the kind choices for you – if not, switch tack and choose kindness.

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer