Ambassador Shirley Robertson OBE

From a passion to a career

A female walking down a road smiling

From superyachts to sailing schools, it all starts at UKSA!

“I work throughout the whole diversity of our sport from superyachts to sailing schools all over the world. I see the effect of UKSA. Everywhere I go there are young people who started here. And the catalyst for a career, for a passion, came from UKSA. To me that’s absolutely invaluable.

And not only do they provide a catalyst. This is somewhere that if you work in the superyacht industry, that you will come back to, time after time. This is the place where you come to learn.”

Shirley Robertson sat with fellow UKSA satudents

Proud to be a UKSA ambassador

“UKSA really does open up people’s worlds, whether that’s just being introduced to a lifetime of passion on-the-water, or a whole new career. It makes a difference to a lot of people’s lives, and I’m proud to be part of that.

When I come to UKSA, I see that enthusiasm, I see those opportunities, I see those young people’s worlds opening up every single day – and that’s why I’m an ambassador. It’s important. It does good work here and I see that a lot – it really changes lives.”