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Ben Johnston

Love travel? Love sport? Why not become a watersports instructor?

Our 11-week UKSA Watersports Academy course will enable you to teach dinghy sailing, paddleboard, paddlesport and windsurfing. On graduation our students work as instructors for UKSA for two seasons.

With a massive demand for high-calibre professionals in the watersports sector and experience under your belt, you will have a choice of jobs in the most idyllic global locations.

Before coming to UKSA, Ben Johnston worked four summers as a dinghy instructor in the USA. He spent the winters doing a variety of jobs and already had his Powerboat 2 License, VHF, Day Skipper and Powerboat Intermediate qualifications before this course.

Why did you choose to train at UKSA?

“UKSA appealed to me because of the intensity of training it offered and the opportunities for employment around the world. The UKSA Academy also meant that I had guaranteed work at UKSA for two summer seasons after qualifying. I also received a small bursary to help with the cost of the course. When I first arrived everyone was friendly but super professional and I was blown away by the amount of cool kit!”

“Since being employed at UKSA I’ve done loads! I’ve taught more sessions than I can count, including dinghy and windsurfing. I have been put through my RYA Keelboat Endorsement and RYA Powerboat Instructor course. Throughout the season I had the opportunity to borrow kit and develop my skills on days and evenings off. Working at UKSA has also given me a good base to apply for other jobs around the world.

Where did you head to after graduation?

I am currently working in Oman at a five star resort. I’m excited for my next season at UKSA as I had such a blast with the team. In the future I’d like to develop my skills towards becoming a senior instructor as well as more advanced powerboating and work towards my yachtmaster.”

My advice

“I’d advise others doing this course to just get stuck in! Don’t worry about making mistakes – they just make you a better instructor in the future.”

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