Our impact

Delivering results

We are committed to accurately reporting the impact we have on those who take part in one of our courses or programmes. Whether this be the pass rates on our professional programmes or the changes to a young person’s Soft Skills following a residential activity programme, we aim to be transparent.

To help us achieve this we have set ourselves two clear rules:

  • We will never over claim what we do
  • All percentages will be supported by actual numbers to avoid being misleading

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Impact achieved in 2018/9

In the 2018/19 financial year UKSA worked with a total of 8,374 individuals

80% of these individuals were under the age of 25

Schools & Groups

We welcomed 5,964 young people and their leaders from 132 schools and groups

  • 28 of these schools are based in the most deprived areas of the UK
  • 21% of the young people who visited UKSA with a school or group received funding

409 individuals embarked upon one of our Career training programmes

  • 28% of these young people received funding to enable them to train at UKSA
  • 85% of our Careers students passed their course
  • 98% of our Further Education students went into employment or further education and training
MCA professional training 

879 individuals completed Professional MCA training at UKSA to qualify up to Master 3000gt


71% of the 953 individuals who completed one of our leisure courses were under 25

Development programmes

169 young people from the Isle of Wight completed one of our fully-funded development programmes


84% of our customers would recommend us to others


Children pulling facing and having fun to the camera


At least 10% of our students have special needs. Our autistic students became comfortable to be in wetsuits and in the cold water. Another student who was a selective mute became comfortable to speak his name to an instructor by the end of the week.

The Greville Primary School – Residential School Trip

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