Listen Up People

Published 17/02/2021

We’ve all had those conversations where there’s the sense that when we’re speaking the other person is hearing, but not listening, simply biding their time so they can speak again.

That sense that what they have to say is more important – in their minds – than what we are saying. That sense that the pedestal has quickly spun out of balance. The feeling of invisibility, of not having space, of ‘what’s the points’.

Listening and hearing are two very different things. We know it intuitively when we’re in one of those conversations.

What’s so interesting once we dig down into it, is how often we don’t listen to ourselves; hearing the nagging gut feelings and doing the opposite, feeling the ache and the pain that says something isn’t quite right and carrying on regardless, not heeding dreams, not trusting our judgements in situations or with people, not taking our own advice and guidance.

So I want you to try it for today. Try really listening to yourself; your needs, your body’s signals, your wants and your dreams. Hold that space for yourself and see how it shapes your day, see how your actions and behaviours might be different when they come from listening to yourself over listening to others or drowning yourself out.  

Listen up people, listen up.

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer