Rest lets us do our best

Published 02/03/2021

The Blurt Foundation have written a fabulous piece about the importance of rest. So please take a restful moment and read.

It doesn’t matter if you’re mid-step, mid-mouthful, mid-task, mid-list, mid-anything – when you need to rest, rest. You don’t have to wait.

It’s not negotiable, this rest malarkey, it’s a vital component to a happy and healthy life. When we forgo rest, we’re just borrowing time from a future time and space – not resting always catches up with us and not in the calmest and smoothest of ways.

When we’ve not-rested for a sustained period of time, it marches in and demands it of us by spluttering us to a halt. Forcing life as we know it to stop by putting us onto bed rest, totally unwillingly.

And boy, does it suck to be so stuck. The foggy headedness, the weary bones and the total incapacity to do the things that were once so very easy and on autopilot.

  • Rest is the secret sauce that’s so readily available to us yet we constantly pop it on the back-burner.
  • Rest is what turbo-charges us to have longevity and stamina.
  • Rest is needed to repair and heal.

When you feel weary, rest. When you get a headache, rest. When you feel achy, rest. When you feel irritable, rest. When you feel as though life has gone proper off piste, rest. When you’re snappy and snarling, rest. When decision-making becomes difficult, rest. When you feel tired, rest. When you feel overwhelmed, rest. When you feel emotional, rest. When you feel sensory overload, rest.

Remember, It’s the resting that let’s you do your besting!

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer

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