The magic we cant see

Published 03/02/2021

When we look out of our windows at the non-evergreen trees, we’d be forgiven for thinking they’re not in the best shape. They look gnarled, dank, stark, done.

But there’s a magic happening that we can’t see. Those trees, they’re fortifying, they’re preparing, they’re getting ready to bloom. When you stop,  and you start feeling as though you’re being lazy for having a bed day, for wanting to flop on the couch, for wanting a day to just be.  In that stillness, there’s magic happening that we can’t see. You’re fortifying and preparing in order to be able to bloom too.

Remember that, it’s really important.

The nothingness is never really nothingness, it’s full of magical things happening and healing and preparing for what’s next. Embrace it, relish it and hold space for it. Look after yourself, you are important.

Keep well and keep safe.

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer