The Things I Know For Absolute Sure About Me

Published 30/06/2021

The fabulous Blurt Foundation has written a lovely piece this week and this extract is taken from that. It’s called: ‘The Things I Know For Absolute Sure About Me’

Do you ever feel  as though you’re a walking, talking contradiction? Feeling one thing one day only to wake the next feeling completely different? Perhaps you’ve been pulling full-steam ahead in one direction only to realise you want to completely change course. Or those yeses that definitely felt like yeses at the time that have changed to no’s…

When we feel this way, as though we’re not entirely sure of which way the wind is blowing for ourselves, it helps to hunker down and consider what remains.

In amongst all of that change and what feels like flakiness, what has held steadfast and true for you?

  • This might be that you’re always kind and considerate.
  • Or that you love proper connection.
  • The cuddling, the snuggling.
  • Perhaps a hobby that you consistently love and do.
  • The people who feel as though they’re your kind of people.
  • Maybe that you’re reliable and trustworthy.
  • Your love of profiteroles, flowers and books.

Whatever your list, it’s helpful to make it so that you know that at the very core, there’s a part of you that’s you, that’s rich in your values and an unwavering thread of your being.

Consider it your ‘The Things I Know For Absolute Sure About Me’ list.

The rest of it, the interchangeable, all at sea-ness is very typically when the you-you is at odds with all that’s outside of you as you’ve evolved and grown. The underbelly of expectations, the wanting to soothe and reassure others, the shoulds, the getting caught up in routine and demands of you, the dampening of your dreams, or your needs.

But please don’t forget your ‘The Things I Know For Absolute Sure About Me’ list. Because it all comes back to that, to you. Let that list help you get clear on who you are and then let it underpin and act as a compass for your decisions. We bet that the wishy-washiness will dim if you’re always leading with your truest self.

It’s easy to feel insignificant in a world that’s so vibrant, so loud, so hustle-y and bustle-y so it makes sense that, by hook or by crook, you need to make space to re-centre, re-calibrate, re-ground. And re-visit that list of yours.

You do matter, you really honestly do. You do get to change your mind, you really honestly do. And, best of all, when you have the courage to live according to your you-ness, you encourage and inspire all those around you to do the same.

Pretty great huh?

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer

July Action For Happiness Poster