There’s nobody quite like you

Published 13/04/2021

There’s nobody quite like you in the very best way possible.

Chances are you don’t feel as though you’re extraordinary.

When we think of extraordinary people, we zoom in on those who seem nothing like us. People who have achieved newsworthy feats, who have shown immense amounts of bravery, and those with resources to be notable philanthropists.

We forget that the only thing that really sets apart the ordinary from the extraordinary, is the word ‘extra’. With that in mind, we’re pretty certain there have been many, many, many times when you’ve done something ‘extra’. Those times you’ve gone above and beyond for someone, to make them feel extra loved, extra special, extra cared for. Perhaps you’ve applied extra effort to your career or an exam, in that you did a little extra revision, some extra helpfulness with colleagues, you went above and beyond.

The doing things with enthusiasm, confidence and energy – all ‘extra’. What about the countless times that you were the bringer of kindness, the calm in the storm, the person who taught someone the tools they needed. We’ve all got instances threading their way throughout our lives where we did and gave more than was expected of us, we gave and were ‘extra’. See, you are and have been extraordinary. And there will be many moons yet to come where you will repeat your extraordinariness.

Keep it up, it really does make all the difference.

Kim Fry
UKSA Welfare Officer