Blog Post by Cordelia Dewey

Gifted and Talented co-ordinator within PE at Carisbrooke College.

Recently I had the pleasure of taking 16 of our Gifted and Talented PE students to UKSA for a multi-activity splash day on the water. The purpose of this trip was to allow the selected students the opportunity to start to develop their teambuilding and leadership skills as well as confidence in the build up to running and helping out at local primary school sports days. This also tied in nicely with the Gifted and Talented week.

The pupils enjoyed various team building activities such as raft building and racing as well as other team building activities such as the plank, holey pole and robot wars. The day was finished off with fun games on paddleboards and pontoon jumping. Despite at times pupils having to stand in the dry room for 15 minutes to warm up again after spending most of the day in a cold and damp wetsuits, all the pupils left the day with smiles on their faces and hinted that they would do it again. Watch this space.

Many thanks goes to the Daisie Rich Trust for allowing funding to be contributed to the cost of the trip, cover to be put in place and for Tamsyn Lingard Lane and Michael Peake in helping with the remaining funding. Another thanks goes to Mr Robinson who accompanied me on the trip and helped out for the day.

All pupils involved were a true credit to Carisbrooke College and all worked hard as a team throughout the day.