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Further Education Code of Conduct

Last updated: 13/11/2023

Whilst studying and learning at UKSA it is important that our students behave in a safe and respectful way.

These standards are not just UKSA ones; they are professional standards within the marine industry.

During your time at UKSA, we want you to have fun, make friends, learn new things and be safe. To do this we have rules that we need you to follow.

These behaviours are included in the following, but this list may include other things:

  • Taking things that aren’t yours
  • Using other people’s kit without asking
  • Fraud/Dishonesty
  • Not being safe and not listening to staff who are trying to keep you safe.
  • Fighting and using physical violence or using threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Bullying
  • Behaviour which causes deliberate and serious damage to property or reputation.
  • Using drugs or drinking.
  • Cheating in tests or exams
  • Not respecting shared living or learning spaces

This list doesn’t cover everything, and it gives examples, so there may be other things we need to think about.

Unfortunately, if you can’t follow our rules, we may have to make some choices about whether you can carry on learning and or living with us. We need you to understand this because we can ask you to leave immediately if we are very worried about your behaviour. However, we usually give opportunities for you to get things right and we do this by giving a:

First behaviour warning where we will explain why your behaviour is not ok. We may share this with parents/carers. We will record it as a Cause for Concern.

Second behaviour warning where we will expect behaviour to improve immediately. We will share this with parents/carers. We will record this as a formal verbal warning. We will share this with parents/carers.

Third behaviour warning will result in a first written warning. We will share this with parents/carers.

Behaviour warnings that lead to a second written warning this means that the Management reserve the right to expel you from UKSA. Acts of gross misconduct (which is behaviour we consider to be serious) may result in immediate expulsion from UKSA.

1. Bringing UKSA into disrepute

UKSA has a good reputation in the local community and within the maritime industry. Any person who brings UKSA into disrepute may be asked to leave.

2. Lanyards

Course/age specific UKSA lanyards are always to be worn when you are onsite. This is for your safety and security.

3. Accommodation


Whilst staying in UKSA Accommodation we ask you to follow these rules:

  • Under 18s only must only use Under 18 Showers at the back of the shower block.
  • Under NO circumstances must students use any other shower block or enter any other accommodation block other than their own. Also no going into anyone else’s room please.
  • Always keep your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition, this will be checked.
  • You are not permitted to smoke inside any of the accommodation blocks at any time. This includes the use of e-cigarettes. There is a dedicated smoking space if you are old enough.
  • Strip your bed linen on changeover and departures days (duvet covers, bottom sheet and pillowcase NOT mattress or pillow protectors)
  • Change your bed linen on a regular basis (linen days are advertised in each accommodation area, leave dirty linen in a neat pile by the door) and re-make your bed with the fresh linen left for you. (We will not make the beds for you!)
  • Be packed and ready to leave accommodation to go afloat or to alternative UKSA accommodation, at the time given by UKSA staff. Wet kit or gear needs to be placed in the appropriate store and not be stored in your room. (UKSA reserves the right to change terms of the accommodation provided)
  • Please do not leave wet clothes (recreational or otherwise) in your room.
  • Put all wetsuits, waterproofs and extra recreational kit or gear in the appropriate stores provided (bikes, windsurfing/surf boards) not in your room.
  • Please do not use other people’s kit without their permission.
  • Store clothes in the drawers and cupboards provided.
  • No perishable foods in the room (e.g., fruit, milk, yoghurts etc)
  • Respect other people’s property, space, and privacy.
  • Do not bring anyone into your accommodation who doesn’t live here.
  • Room keys should be returned to Reception when you are not using them or on departure. Failure to do so will result in the loss of any key deposit.
  • There is always dedicated on site duty staff that students can approach day or night.
  • Careers and Education students under the age of 19 must also adhere to the Under 18’s Sign in procedure (PSG-002).
  • When returning to UKSA, keep activity and noise to a minimum and keep to 10pm curfew if under 18 and 11pm if over 18.
  • Our local community is very important to us. Both students and staff have a responsibility to always show respect and courtesy.
  • UKSA is a strict ‘No Noise’ site after Midnight and any breach will not be tolerated.