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Under 18 Leisure Student/Sea Change Code of Conduct

Last updated: 13/11/2023

Whilst studying and learning at UKSA it is important our students behave in a safe and respectful way.

These standards are not just UKSA ones; they are professional standards within the maritime industry.

During your time at UKSA, we want you to have fun, make friends, learn new things and be safe. To do this we have rules that we need you to follow. Unfortunately, if you can’t follow our rules, we may have to make some choices about whether or not you can carry on learning with us. We need you to understand this because we can ask you to leave immediately if we are worried about your behaviour. We usually give opportunities for you to get things right, we do this by giving a:

First behaviour warning where we will explain why your behaviour is not ok and we may share this with parents/carers.

Second behaviour warning where we will expect behaviour to improve immediately.

Third behaviour warning will likely result in you being asked to leave your course immediately.

However, if we are very worried by the behaviour, we can ask you to leave immediately. We will talk to you and your parents/carers about this. These behaviours are included in the following, but this list may include other things:

  • Taking things that aren’t yours
  • Using other people’s kit without asking
  • Fraud / Dishonesty
  • Not being safe and not listening to staff who are trying to keep you safe.
  • Fighting and using physical violence or using threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Bullying
  • Behaviour which causes deliberate and serious damage to property or reputation.
  • Using drugs or drinking.
  • Cheating in tests or exams

This list does not cover everything, only examples, so there may be other things we need to think about.